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Welcome To Sensory Haven

Navigating your child’s sensory needs can be overwhelming and leave you feeling isolated. At Sensory Haven, we connect you with the right tools and resources you need to helpyour child self-regulate, restoring a sense of calm and connection in the home.

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Sensory Haven was created to help parents to navigate their children's sensory needs.  So many of their normal social and developmental milestones have been challenged by living in a pandemic and, now more than ever, our kids are battling to remain calm and focused, curb their frustration and anxiety, and channel their mental and physical energy. 

Sensory Haven specialises in providing carefully selected sensory products and fidget toys that are proven to be both fun and therapeutic for your child as they learn how to self-regulate in a busy world.  Since our company founder is also a mom to a sensory child, you can rely on us to provide you with the right tools and information based on individual experience.

More than just toys!

Sensory Products


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