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Blissful Baby

Blisful Baby Massage – Durban North is brought to you by Kim Clark, Qualified and registered IAIM instructor (

Offers 5 week courses, teaching you baby massage strokes to use on your little one. Benefits of infant massage are: Relief of colic, constipation, circulation, secure attachment, sleep, bonding between mom and child.

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Nanny n Me

Nanny 'n Me

What is Nanny 'n Me?

The weekly groups are an hour long and provide opportunities for engaging in age appropriate play. The activities reflect the interests and developmental stage of the child. There is an emphasis on positively influencing the nanny and child relationship as well as encouraging ongoing input at home where a learning environment is promoted. Nannies learn about developmental concepts week by week and receive certificates every block. Parents receive weekly feedback explaining the activities and enjoy seeing photos of their child so they don’t miss out on the fun! Nanny 'n Me also offer online courses.

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